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link:Duncan Hume dancing aged 38 online catalogue 'Duncan Hume Dancing and other People' 
         Duncan Hume dancing aged 38 (rt panel of diptych)

link:'I n t e r v i e w     M a g a z i n e'  N Y C
link: StylishFascinators-David Bowie @ V&A and National Portrait Gallery

link: Maxs Kansas City- Art To The Max: Stephen Finer

                                          link:stephenfiner_com_files/~sfiner_files/David%2520Bowie%25201994.jpgDavid Bowie National Portrait Gallery

                                          link: 'Stephen Finer' brochure PDF, 2006

                                           Naked woman,left hand panel of a diptych by Stephen FinerNaked man, left hand panel of a diptych by Stephen Finer Naked woman and naked man (diptych)

British Art 1940-80 from the Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, London
Collazione Inglese ll, Venice Biennale, Italy
New Art 2, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London
Academician’s Choice -Finer chosen by Kitaj, Mall Galleries London, The Eye Gallery, Bristol
The Portrait Now, National Portrait Gallery London
The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London - Finer invited by Martin Gayford
Men on Women, Oriel Theatr Clwyd, Bodelwyddan Castle & School of Art Museum & Art Gallery, Aberystwyth
50 Contemporary Self Portraits, Six Chapel Row Bath
Painting the Century 101 Portrait Masterpieces 1900 to 2000 National Portrait Gallery London
The National Portrait Gallery Collects, Bodelwyddan Castle, Wales
‘An American Abroad Sandra Fisher and her School of London Friends’, New York Studio School,  New York
'The Art of Giving', Towner, Sussex
'People and Portraits', Towner, Eastbourne, Sussex
'Artists Make Faces', Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery
'In the Frame: Plymouth's Portraits Revealed', Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Yehudi Menuhin  Yehudi Menuhin


Arts Council
Atkinson Art Gallery
The British Council
Contemporary Art Society
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Magdalene College Cambridge
National Portrait Gallery
Pallant House Gallery
Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery
Towner Gallery
Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery
University of Sussex

loan to National Lottery Charities Board from Arts Council

private collections in England, France, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland & America

link:Kitaj with his hand on his head, Los Angeles County Museum of ArtKitaj with his hand on his head, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

                                        SOLO EXHIBITIONS

                                        1981    Four Vine Lane, London

                                        1982    Four Vine Lane, London

                                        1985    Four Vine Lane, London

                                        1986    Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

                                        1988    Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

                                        1989    Berkeley Square Gallery, London

                                        1992         Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London                      

                                        1994    Woodlands Art Gallery

                                        1995    Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London

                                        1998      'Heads', Agnew's, London

                                        1999    'Sir Morris Finer' & other paintings, Agnew's, London

                                        2001    Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, Sussex

                                        2002         'People', Charleston, Sussex (opened by Prof Norbert Lynton)

                                        2004    Art Space Gallery, London

                                        2010         'Paintings and Watercolours', Art Space Gallery, London

                                        2012    'Duncan Hume Dancing and Other People', Art Space Gallery, London

                                        2015    'Merlyn Driver recording and other paintings', Art Space Gallery, London

 stephenfiner_com_files/~sfiner_files/woman%2520on%2520a%2520banquette.jpg   Woman on a banquette 


‘Portraits that Capture the Prizes‘, William Packer, Financial Times, Thursday June 5 1986
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‘Article of Faith’, Colin Wiggins, Art Review, Summer Issue 1994
‘Stephen Finer: Presence and Identity’, Martin Golding, Modern Painters Spring 2000
‘The Fame of the Pose’, Hugh Pearman, Sunday Times Magazine, 22 October 2000
link: ’Painting the Century 101 Portrait Masterpieces’ Robin Gibson; introduction by Norbert Lynton, National Portrait Gallery 2000
‘Intimacy and Mortality: Finer's People' by Robin Gibson, 2004
link: 'Stephen Finer', brochure PDF, 2006
link: Interview Magazine -armchair traveler, NYC, 2012

stephenfiner_com_files/~sfiner_files/Hartley&Hume%2520ShawcrossNPG0006.jpg   Hartley and Hume Shawcross  (private collection)


ITN with Alma Cogan, 13 December 1959

Norbert Lynton interview on the nude in art by Channel One (cable) 1995

‘Paint it Red’ Norbert Lynton interviewed by Channel One (cable) 1995

BBC1 News, James Wilkinson Wednesday 29 April 1998 9.05pm

British Satellite News recorded Tuesday 20 Nov 2001

ZDF German Television - interviewed by Katrina Balmforth recorded Tuesday 20 Nov 2001

Fuji Television, Japan August 2003

'Artists Make Faces', sw1tv 2014                                    


1980 Pilgrim Farewell, directed by Michael Roemer USA

stephenfiner_com_files/~sfiner_files/MD%2520on%2520stage%2520AS%2520sf-9024.jpg   Marlene Dietrich on stage    



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Oil Paintings in Public Ownership, Public Catalogue Foundation

Who’s Who in Art

 Seated nude Arts Council Collection  Seated nude Arts Council Collection

             'In the Frame: Plymouth's Portraits Revealed', Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery
             Mystery Portrait Postcards, National Portrait Gallery, London  
                                Iman and David Bowie  Iman & David Bowiecopyright Stephen Finer                                               

            'Artists Make Faces',  Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery
            'People and Portraits', Towner
            'RCA Secret'
            'Flashback', Art Space Gallery, London
            'The Art of Giving', Towner   
            'Tidelines: Retracing a Story', Towner    
            'Winter Journey', Art Space Gallery, London   
            Looking Forward', Agnew's, London    
            Fusion Gallery, Spain    
            View Gallery, Surrey

            ‘An American Abroad Sandra Fisher and her School of London Friends’, 
            incl. ‘Sandra Fisher’ by Stephen Finer from the Arts Council Collection), 
            New York Studio School, New York, USA    
            Defined Art, Surrey
            View Gallery, Surrey
            Fusion Gallery, Spain
            View Gallery, Surrey     
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            RCA Secret, London    
            Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London
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            'Art 2001' London Contemporary Art Fair
            'RCA Secret', Royal College of Art, London     
            'Painting The Century 101 Portrait Masterpieces 1900-2000', National Portrait Gallery, London 
            ('David Bowie' and 'Iman' by Stephen Finer)    
            'Pure Paint', Stephen Lacey Gallery, London    
            'British Art 1900-1998', Agnew's, London
            'Art 99' London Contemporary Art Fair
            Agnew's, London
            'Absolut Secret', Royal College of Art, London    
            '50 Contemporary Self Portraits' Six Chapel Row, Bath
            Oriel Theatr, Bodelwyddan Castle, School of Art Museum & Art Gallery, Aberyswyth
            Contemporary Art Fair, London
            Glasgow Art Fair
            '50 Contemporary Self-Portraits', Six Chapel Row, Bath
            Sep 20th Century British Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London    
            'Men on Women' Oriel Theatr, Bodelwyddan Castle &
            Schools of Art Museum & Art Gallery, Aberyswyth (selected by Peter Edwards),    
            Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London    
            'The Discerning Eye' Mall Galleries, London ( invited by Martin Gayford)    
            Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London
            Chicago Art Fair
            Basel Art Fair
            Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London    
            Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London    
            'The Portrait Now' ('Marlene Dietrich' by Stephen Finer), National Portrait Gallery, London     
            'The Figure Laid Bare', Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London
            'Cabinet Painting', Hove Museum & Art Gallery & 
            Glynn Vivian Art Gallery & Museum, Swansea 
            Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London    
            Berkeley Square Gallery, London
            Contemporary Art Fair London
            Basel Art Fair
            Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London
            'Cabinet Painting', Gillian Jason Gallery, London
            'Academician's Choice' - (invited by Kitaj) The Mall Galleries, London & 
            The Eye Gallery, Bristol    
            Contemporary Art Fair, London
            Westcott Gallery
            Berkeley Square Gallery. London    
            Berkeley Square Gallery    
            AR.CO Madrid    
            Contemporary Art Fair, London 
            'New Art 2', Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London    
            'New Art', Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London    
            COLLAZIONE INGLESE II, Venice Biennale, Italy    
            'Artists Make Faces', Art House, London    
            'Small Work', Nicola Jacobs Gallery, London    
            BRITISH ART 1940-80 from the Arts Council Collection, 
            ('Sandra Fisher' by Stephen Finer) Hayward Gallery, London    
            Monika Kinley: 'Open House', London

                                               stephenfiner_com_files/~sfiner_files/Woman%2520on%2520a%2520stool.jpg   Woman on a stool

 'Venice through the Looking-glass', William Packer, The Financial Times, Tuesday June 19, 1984
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            reviews of mixed exhibition

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            22 October 2000

            link:    'Last Chance To See David and Iman', David Bowie official blog, 25 Jan 2001
link:    davidbowie.com/news/new-Stephen finer-exhibition
            link:    ‘Iman and David Bowie’ see July 1 on David Bowie Wonderworld

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   link:    'Stephen Finer' pdf
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link: 'FLASHBACK', Art Space Gallery 
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          link: Maxs Kansas City - Art To The Max:StephenFiner, 23 January 2012
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          link: 'Duncan Hume Dancing and other People' catalogue, Art Space Gallery
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                                                           Seated naked woman with arm raised (watercolour)  
Seated naked woman with arm raised

                                                                                   Face (watercolour)  Face watercolour

David Bowie and Iman by Stephen Finer link: Youtube: David Bowie and Iman

Stephen Finer on Youtube link: Youtube-Stephen Finer by Mekoart
Marlene Dietrich by Stephen Finerlink-Youtube: Marlene Dietrich

 link-Facebook: Marlene Dietrich by Stephen Finer

Fine Art Print of Marlene Dietrich by Stephen FinerMarlene Dietrich Iman, 1995 by Stephen FinerIman, 1995
David Bowie and Iman, 1995 by Stephen Finer David Bowie and Iman, 1995

Patrick Garland and Alexandra Bastedo, 1998 by Stephen FinerPatrick Garland and Alexandra Bastedo, 1998

Fine Art Print of Iman, left hand panel of Diptych, 2000 by Stephen Finer Fine Art Print of David Bowie, right hand panel of Diptych, 2000 by Stephen FinerIman and David Bowie

Fine Art Print of Head of a woman, 1999 by Stephen FinerHead of a woman, 1999 
Fine Art Print of Untitled, 1993 by Stephen FinerUntitled, 1993

Fine Art Print of Head of a woman, 1992 by Stephen FinerHead of a woman, 1992

Fine Art Print of Patrick Garland, 2000 by Stephen FinerPatrick Garland, 2000, collection: University of Sussex

Fine Art Print of Alexandra Bastedo with short hair, 1998 by Stephen FinerAlexandra Bastedo with short hair, 1998
Fine Art Print of A woman, 1992 by Stephen FinerA woman, 1992

Naked man and naked woman, lying back with her arm outstretched
Naked man and naked woman, lying back
 with her arm outstretched, 1993-92

Fine Art Print of Marlene Dietrich, 2000 by Stephen FinerMarlene Dietrich (watercolour)

Fine Art Print of Marlene Dietrich, 2000 by Stephen FinerMarlene Dietrich
Fine Art Print of Gill Bastedo, 1997 by Stephen FinerGill Bastedo, 1997

Fine Art Print of Sir Morris Finer, 1999 by Stephen FinerSir Morris Finer, 1999, collection: Pallant House Gallery

Fine Art Print of Gill Bastedo and Stephen Finer, 1998 by Stephen FinerGill Bastedo and Stephen Finer, 1998

Fine Art Print of Lord Shawcross, 1996 by Stephen FinerLord Shawcross, 1996 , collection: University of Sussex

Fine Art Print of Kitaj, 1994 by Stephen FinerKitaj, 1994 Fine Art Print of Kitaj with his hand on his head, 1995 by Stephen Finer
Kitaj with his hand on his head, 1995,
collection: Los Angeles Museum of Art

Woman showering her hair in the bathWoman showering her hair in the bath 
Two women and a man, 1986 by Stephen FinerTwo women and a man, 1986

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